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What Makes Us Different

While many publications with deep roots in print publications struggle with effectively advertising online our focus has, and always will be, on the growing digital market. As a strictly digital publication our readers don't just visit our website...they connect and engage with us through various social channels and see our content frequently. Whether they are looking on Google, browing Facebook, or visiting our site our readers know and trust us. They are largely young Western New Yorkers who love their community, are planning to stay and raise a family and are seeking ways to make the most out of their lives in the Buffalo area. They are looking for a wedding venue, a first home, a new car and where to go for their next birthday dinner. What might seem old to some may seem new to them. 


Our readership and traffic is accurately tracked and analyzed by Google Analytics. The exact number of visitors who are exposed to and click on your ads is recorded, and in-depth reports are available to you. With print, radio or television you’re left wondering  does this work… did anyone actually see/hear that ad?


Your ads on are linked directly to your website, Facebook or registration page. Potential customers need not phone or visit to act on your ad –  your business, product or ticket information is just a click away. No reason to worry about 10 second ad-spots or the expensive space in print- our interested readers come right to you to find everything they need to know about what you offer. There’s no friction involved.

Cost effective

Digital media doesn’t have the overhead of traditional media – no expensive big name stars, no fancy printing presses, no delivery costs. The marginal cost for us to get your product message out to 100,000 people is about as much as it costs you to send an email, and that’s reflected in our prices.

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